Women, Space and a Dynamic Diversity

Women, Space and a Dynamic Diversity: Intra-Religious Network(s) and Inter-religious Network(s) in urban Chengdu

Stefania Travagnin

My research will follow the core idea of this overall team project, and therefore employs a shift from the understanding religious diversity as a static reality to the acknowledgment of a more dynamic framework of diversity via the category of religious networks.

My work will focus specifically on women’s networks by looking at religious personnel as well as lay practitioners, and with attention to how space/territory contributed to the formation and shaping of those networks. I will look at women’s intra-religious networks – with an analysis of the case studies of Han Buddhism – and inter-religious networks – with a study of a religiously diverse district in Chengdu, and focus on the urban setting. I will consider the historical period that goes from the late Qing throughout the Republican period, but I will devote also some attention to if, and eventually how, the situation of those decades are still present in the contemporary time.