Jeff Kyong-McClain

Fieldwork Notes

I have collected a variety of reports on the urban, rural and borderlands reform activities of various West China Union University units during visits to the Sichuan Provincial Archives, the Sichuan Provincial Library and the Sichuan University Library. Most of these reports were originally published in university-affiliated journals. These reports, such as I have read thus far, present (not-surprisingly) a largely positive view of the work of the faculty and students of the University. They also, notably, strike a modernizing tone, and fit with the general tendency of reformers at the time to see modern social science as a means to break through staid tradition in Sichuan. Some use Protestant verbiage to explain their activities, others do not. My plan for 2019 is to visit archives of in the northeastern U.S. (most notably the Yale Divinity School Library), which house documents related to operational aspects of the university, with a goal to understand more clearly how the evangelical imperative impacted practices in Chengdu.

Fieldwork Photos

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