Core Team, Researchers

Hu Jiechen (胡劼辰)


Hu Jiechen received his PhD from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (2017), with a dissertation on literature and history of Wenchang worship in Qing Dynasty, and is now working at the Yuelu Academy 岳麓書院. He has been involved in the Daozang Jiyao Projects, first as translator (since 2014) and later as secretary (since 2015.

His research interests include religion(s) in Jiangnan and Sichuan areas in late imperial China, spirit-writing groups, moral books and Daoist texts in late imperial China.

Project ~ Yongji Tan and Its Network: the Trans-regional and Inter-religious Dimensions of Wenchang Spirit-writing Altars in Sichuan in the Qing Dynasty

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