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Annabella Pitkin


Annabella Pitkin is Assistant Professor of Buddhism and East Asian Religions at Lehigh University. She is also a core faculty member of Lehigh’s Asian Studies and Global Studies Programs. Her research focuses on Tibetan Buddhist modernity and Buddhist biographies, and more broadly on transnational Buddhism, Buddhist lineage systems, and religion, pop culture, and gender in East Asia.

She received her B.A. from Harvard and Ph.D. in Religion from Columbia, and has traveled extensively in the Himalayan region and China, including visits to Sichuan in 2013, 2006, and 2005. Dr. Pitkin received a Social Science Research Council Fellowship in 2012-13 for Transregional Research in Asia.

Her most recent publication is “The ‘Age of Faith’ and the ‘Age of Knowledge’: Secularism and Modern Tibetan Accounts of Yogic Power,” in Himalaya, Spring 2016, special issue on “The Secular in Tibet.” She is currently preparing a book manuscript titled Beggar Modern: Memory, Asceticism and Love in the Lives of a 20th Century Tibetan Buddhist Saint.

Project ~ Tibetan Buddhist Lineage Networks in Sichuan, 1890-1945 and beyond Continuity and Change in Tibetan Representations of Buddhist Identity

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  1. Christina Teale

    Annabella – do you ever get to read this? It’s Chris Teale and this seems a
    good way to get in touch with you. I so enjoyed meeting you at dinner at
    Islesford and wish we had had more time to talk. What an interesting and so
    enviable life you have had. We are very fortunate here at Piper Shores to
    have someone who conducts a mindfulness and tai chi session twice a week
    and I have become quite fascinated with Buddhism. A bit late in the day , but
    it keeps me busy reading about it.
    I did so enjoy your Eleanore – the nicest of Rosie’s gang on the island.
    Best, Chris Teale

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