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Wu Hua (吳華)

Wu Hua

Wu Hua holds a PhD in philosophy, and a post-doc in Sociology. Since 2017, he has been teaching and researching in the Graduate Institute of Daoism and Religious Culture at the Sichuan University.  Wu Hua’s research and teaching has been focusing especially on theories of the study of religion, religion and politics, sociology of religion, and socio-cultural history of Buddhism.

His Chinese publications include a book on the history of Buddhism in Chengdu in the Republican period titled 《民国成都佛教研究(1912-1949)》; he also published several articles in journals like 《世界宗教研究》,《世界宗教文化》, and《宗教学研究》; and co-authored the books 《传统视域下的钱穆——中外文明交流史数论》, and《成都佛教史》.

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